Stop Writing Brittle Tests.

Parrot QA is the easiest way to build and maintain acceptance tests, without writing a line of code.

Simply Code-less.

Build and maintain tests using our
intuitive mind-map interface.

Easily Cross-Browser.

Simulate major modern browsers with
mobile and desktop device grids.

Testing on chrome
Testing on firefox
Testing on safari
Testing on edge
Testing on iphone
Testing on android

Visual and Functional.

Track Visual Regressions and
set Functional Expectations
on the HTML DOM.

Continuously Integrated.

Trigger tests on deploy, then
send results to Github and bugs to JIRA.

Our customers say it best.

Parrot QA allows us to easily automate testing that we previously had to pay staff to run manually.

The man-hour cost of manual regressions once a sprint is easily more than a monthly subscription, and Parrot QA runs constantly!

Now we’ve freed up our testers to focus on features rather than regression.

Kyle Epps Headshot

Kyle Epps

Sr. Manager Learning Platforms, Center for Creative Leadership

As a busy solo founder with a small startup, using Parrot QA has made it simple to automate routine visual site checks that would otherwise get skipped.

It’s a step well beyond basic ‘site up’ pings, and provides me with some peace of mind knowing there’s a second layer of protection in case my manual QA process misses a breaking change to existing site functionality.

The team has been super responsive - quick to fix bugs and push new features when requested.

Matt Durr Headshot

Matt Durr

Founder, Eat Fresh Tech

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parrot  |ˈperət| verb repeat mechanically.noun a bird that eats bugs.